Assassin’s Crease Preview! Prolouge

 hey guys, I’ve been very busy, so with the spare time I had, here is the first chapter of Assassin’s Crease! check it out!                                                   

                                                                           Assassin’s Crease

                                                             Prologue: Dez and the Beginning
Hello. My name is Dez ,and I’m here to tell you all about the stories of The Origami Assassin’s Order. But first a quick tale of our origin. I am a student at Ubisoft Academy For Gamer Kids in Montreal, probably the best school in the world. My friend Jason made an origami Altair from the first Assassin’s Creed game during art class. He also made Ezio, Haytham, Connor, Edward, Desmond, Lucy, Rebecca, Shaun, and Arno from Assassin’s Creed Unity. One day, before Homeroom, Jason gathered me, My friends Zach, Jonathan, Jonas, Lizzie, Kristy, Zach’s older brother Hayden, my (somewhat) friend Ryan, and another guy named Arnold (apparently,  according to Jonas, an exchange student from Paris), and Arnold’s three best friends in the library to talk about something. ” I have gathered you all here today to tell you all of a great sorrow: this school is closing down”, Jason said. We all saw this coming, our parents kept complaining that we spent too much time focusing on the video game programming part, and not enough of the normal school stuff. “I know what you’re thinking: ‘this is all my parent’s fault’, but it’s actually not. I heard a few kids talking about setting the school on fire, rebuilding it into another school, a normal one, and making your parents enroll you back in”, Jason said. I knew we needed to stop these guys, but I didn’t know how. “But as you all know”, he continued. ” I have made origami characters for all of you. Since they have made the Origami Templar Order, we shall make, The Origami Assassin’s Order!”. In short, I got Des-crease Miles, Ryan got Shaun Crease-tings, Kristy got Lucy Still-fold, Lizzie got Rebecca Crease, Jason Kept his Origami Altair Ibn- La’Ahad, Jonathan got Ezio  Audi-Tear, Zach got Connor Crease-way, Hayden got Haytham Crease-Way, Jonas got Edward Crease-way, and finally, Arnold got Arno Dorigami, and his friends got the other guys on the cover for the game. Jason also gave me the position of the person who writes down our stories in a notebook called “The Animus”. So, without further ado, here is our first story, Jason’s story.

I still have a long way to go, but I’m still writing as quick as I can! Expect the full story in Summer 2014!



The new site is ready!

Here we go, the new website! (Note: there was an accident where I thought I was posting on here instead of my new Assassin’s Crease website. I wasn’t. So just ignore that post.)


Hey Guys! I’ve been gone for a long time…so I decided to make a new site! It will be up by now to next week. So I’ll post the new site on a post later either this week or next week, see ya!

My first poll! :D

My Pokemon Yellow Let’s play is on next week! YAAAAAAAAAAY! But in the meantime lets have a poll!
We all know that my Let’s Play WILL come to an end………BUT I have thought that how ’bout we have an official poll on what to play next! Here are the choices!
Pokemon Red
Pokemon Blue
Pokemon Gold
Pokemon Silver
Pokemon Crystal
The Legend of Zelda